Artistic Construction

Currently we working with DIAMOND BRIGHT FLOORS LLC, where we develop commercial designs (clubs, restaurants, stores, etc) from the concept to the build out. Our specialty is Innovative Decorative Concrete/Faux Finish & use innovative art techniques with construction materials, the outcome is unique and puts the “wow” factor that your clients will remember and talk about. Your one stop shop for design, build, murals & art. For more info visit:, and aloso visit instagram: @DiamondBrightFloors



  • Our collaboration with fashion designer Xavier Othon is in proccess, new updates are coming…
  • is comming soon…


  • – Custom solutions for Dynamic Camera Moves utilizing Jib Arms, Camera Cranes, Remote Heads, Motorized Dollies and many other camera support technology tailored for capturing wonderfully complex and seemingly impossible camera moves. Babak Mansouri has been providing film production professionals with Dynamic Camera Moves. His experience as an Operator of Remote Head Jibs along with his artistic sensibility as a Filmmaker/Cinematographer gives him an intuitive understanding of other Filmmaker’s artistic intent.

Other Partners

  • Lala Green – Tennis & yoga teacher, Health & Wellness Consultant, Event Planner etc. – website is commin soon…
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